The historic Parish of Tamworth, situated in St Editha's, has been the focus of worship, celebration and remembrance for over 1,200 years. This sacred space is a treasure house of history, art and architecture.

But Church refers to the people, the living stones that comprise it and this spiritual entity is a diverse and engaged community of people who come to worship God, serve the community and make Jesus known across the twon in the four churches that serve it.

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The Parish of Tamworth is a fully engaged member of the wider Christian community's ministry and life.

We celebrate the fact that we are:

One Church

One Parish

Four buildings

and, as part of the wider Church, are seeking to build the kingdom of God together and make Christ known where we are.

Midweek Services

In addition to the Sunday services there are two communion services on offer during the week:

Wednesday @ 10.15 - St Editha's
Thursday @ 09.30 - St Francis'


Do you know anyone who would like home communion?

If so, please let Gwen (in the office) know - Thanks.