Sunday 18th December
St Andrew's
6:30 pm Carol Service

St Chad's    
4:00 pm Christingle

St Editha's

6:30 pm Nine Lessons and Carols

St Francis'
6:00 pm Candles by Candlight

St Andrew's
2:30 pm Christingle Service

St Chad's    
6:30 pm Village Carols

St Editha's

4:00 pm Christingle Service
11:00 pm Midnight Communion

St Francis'
4:30 pm Kid's Club service and party
11:45 pm Midnight Communion

St Andrew's 9:00 am Communion

St Chad's     11:00 am Communion

St Editha's    8:30 am Communion
                     10:00 Family Communion

St Francis'    10:00 am Communion
                     1:30 pm
                      Don't be home alone
                     @ Christmas Meal
(Booking essential to ensure place)