The week before is Easter is known as 'Holy Week' - it is a time when the last days of Jesus, the Christ, are reflected upon and comes to a climax with Good Friday, the day upon which He was crucified.

There are a number of services taking place during this week:

Stations of the Cross
7.30pm - St Francis'

Stations of the Cross
7.30pm - St Francis'

10.15 Communion - St Editha's
Tenebrae - a service of shadows 7.30pm - St Francis'

09.30 Communion - St Francis'
7.30pm Seder Meal - St Francis'

TCC Act of Witness
The Christians of Tamworth gather outside St Editha's for a short act of witness.

We meet at the Castle grounds at 10.00 and process into the square for our 10.30 service. You are welcome to join us.

Three Hour Watch Service
From noon to 3pm there is a watch service.

Broken into six sections of thirty minutes: You are welcome to join for as many, or few, as you feel able.

Hopwas Village - Joint service
6.30pm at St Chad's

The Cross of Christ

A choral service of reflection
7.00pm at St Editha's

The Parish Lent Course takes place on each Wednesday in Lent. Venues are:

LENT COURSE - all begin @ 7.30pm

8th March - St Editha’s
15th March - St Chad’s
22nd March - St Andrew’s
29th March - St Chad’s
No Meeting

12th April -St Editha’s

This year's course focusses on the book 'Dethroning Mammon' by the Archbishop of Canterbury - Justin Welby.